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Sacramento Holiday Festivities

12/03/15 by Kelsey Wirt

It's officially December and we can FINALLY indulge in our favorite holiday things without any guilt! If you are anything like me, you find out about what is going on around town through your friends on social media...the day after it happens. This year I decided to be a little proactive and research what our city has to offer at the beginning of the month. Here are my findings:

Global Winter Wonderland - Cal Expo

Macy's Theatre of Lights - Old Sac

Biggest Show on Snow - Railey Field

Holiday Home Tour - East Sac

December 5th- The 54th Annual Crocker Ball

December 6th- Create In Cal. Eat, Drink, and Shop local at Hot Italian.

December 10th- Nothing quite says 'Merry Christmas' like a Snoog Dogg concert at Ace of Spades

December 11th- Sacramento Ballet's production of The Nutty Nutcracker at the Sac Community Center Theater.

December 12th- Hate to sing, but love to carol? Join Unsilent Night for a unique musical experience

December 15th- Metro Edge Annual Holiday Party at the Crocker Art Museum

December 19th- Santa Run! 

December 20th- Hand crafted gifts at the Beatnik Studios Craft Fair

December 23rd- The Crest Theater presents The Muppet Christmas Carol movie